Our International Standards Services

We endeavor to provide a one stop solution for all your skin and body care related requirements. All the products are processed scientifically at the companie’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that meets international standards.

Research & Development

Our top-of-the-line research starts with our staff of engineers, and cosmetic chemists. With years of experience under the belt, each of our team members is capable of working in leading categories like bath products, creams, lotions and oral care products.

Quality Control System

The key features of our Quality Check System is that the system is documented, understood, stable, reliable and supports continuous quality improvement. At Indo Herbal Products, we are committed to manufacturing high quality products that meet the high standards of the market.


Our packages are developed to protect the contents from damage that may occur during transportation, handling or storage. High quality materials are used to ensure safety of the contents and our consumers. We also provide services where companies can customise packaging according to their needs.

State-of-the-art manufacturing unit

Our certified facilities manufacture products and ingredients to the highest standards of quality, safety and consistency. We are continuously upgrading our facilities with the latest technology and expanding our production capacity responding to market demand.

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Indo Herbal Products is trusted by top leading market brands & and is known for helping brands of the future worldwide